Things Unsaid

What is even happening right now? I just feel so lonely and lost, and you’re not there to help me. Thanks a lot.

You broke my heart, and you’re not even sorry.

I’m so fucking done with all of this shit. I don’t even want to be apart of this group anymore if this is seriously what it’s like. You’re all a bunch of fake people that don’t give a shit but your own fucking perfect lives. I’m not about that life.

This whole world is based on how people judge you, and I fucking hate that.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????? Why the fuck would I want to be associated with the people who basically decided I wasn’t worth it? 

I’m done with this whole not feeling accepted by other people crap. The acceptance I need is from myself. Fuck anyone who decided I wasn’t worth shit. I’m so over this, and I don’t need any more of this negativity. I just want to stop seeing and hearing constant reminders of how I failed and what I’m missing out on. Fuck you guys. If I’m not good enough for you, whatever. Thanks for making me feel like complete shit, but also I just don’t give a shit anymore. You lost someone that could have been great. I sure as hell am not even gonna try anymore.